Monsta FTP启动不了ssl ip

( c++/ Java /NodeJS/Javascript/UX )
上面是之前发的Monsta FTP,目前启动不了少量 hc,有兴趣的可以继续投简历。
公司是典型的美资外企,氛围很好,同事之间关系简单,平时工作时间 955,疫情期间启动不了很多同事仍在家办公。
如果注重 work life balance,相信 Autodesk 不会让你失望。
分割线以下是是Monsta FTP信息,有具体问题请 QQ (注明:v2ex )或者站内

这次招聘主要是 C++Monsta FTP (8 headcount, 新团队, 工作 955, Monsta FTP从初级到资深都有, ip 30-80,性价比还是非常可以的)
启动不了一个架构师Monsta FTP(ip 100+),只有一个 hc,所以没有列出来,有兴趣找我私聊。
初级 C++Monsta FTP,不ssl C++经验,但ssl主动愿意学习。
贴两个 JD 供参考。
1.Senior Software Engineer, C++
Participate in porting large C++ projects to new operation systems and platforms
Design and implement engineering solutions for reusable software components and APIs
Take ownership of the implementation of components for CI/CD and build systems, with high emphasis on quality and sound software engineering practices
Participate in software design reviews, conduct code reviews, and provide input and feedback to other members of the development team
Automate tasks using scripting languages – Shell, Python, Groovy
Minimum Qualifications
Relevant experience in the areas of Software Build and Release Engineering
Excellent programming and computer science abilities, strong analytical abilities, and effective communication skills
Strong scripting knowledge using Python and Shell scripts
Decent C++ language knowledge
Experience with Windows, Linux (or MacOS) based software development environments
Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills
Ability to learn large software systems quickly
Preferred Qualifications
Exposure to large scale software build, integration, and test environments (C++ based preferable)
Cross-platform C++ coding experience
C++ debugging skills
Experience with Qt based C++ projects
Proficient in Jenkins pipelines (Groovy scripting, PSL)
Experience with Docker
Experience with Cloud platforms AWS, Azure
2.Principal Software Development Enginee
We are looking for people with discipline and who thrive with fewer meetings, fewer constraints, and more freedom to develop their ideas. This requires that you are willing to learn and to test the things you come up with to decide if they are ready (millions of people will use them every day to innovate!).
Every day you can expect to:
Develop high-quality, stable code for use in products and solutions for customers and ensure new code conforms to established coding standards and meets the feature specification
Validate your code and review colleague’s code to ensure patterns, quality and algorithmic efficiency are achieved
Participate in developing test plans, including regression tests, for newly developed software or features, communicate with QA, test what you build
Write and maintain the code so that it can be tested using automatic methods and write and maintain automatic tests as appropriate
Participate in developing new test plans, new strategies, and new debugging / profiling tools & procedures if necessary
Research and analyze existing legacy architecture and software code, making enhancements or resolving defects and improving performance on new HW
Investigate and, if necessary, prototype technologies and algorithms including identify new patterns and new approaches and evangelize them across the team
Utilize software estimation process to estimate time and resources necessary
Think creatively about complex problems that may have been studied for years and discover new and interesting approaches that improve performance
Challenge yourself to learn the latest methods for solving complicated problems and implement them to draw your own conclusions about their use / benefits
Minimum Qualifications
5+ years of experience on large scale software development
Solid C++ programming skill
Very strong problem-solving skill
Demonstrated ability in one of the following areas: computational algorithms or 3D modeling or graphics or performance tuning
8+ years of experience on large scale C++ application development
Excellent knowledge of modern C++ and deep understanding of OOP practice
A demonstrated ability with algorithms, especially in computational geometry
A contemporary understanding of UI/UX workflows and processes is necessary.
Familiarity with 2D/3D graphics is desired
A proficiency in cross platform development (Windows, Linux and Mac etc) is desired
A demonstrated ability with Javascript and HTML is helpful but not essential.
B.S. | M.S. | PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Embedded Systems