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[公司名称] 英伟达[坐标] 上海浦东张江[Unmark投递Serendipity] xiaozhao@nvidia.com[更换ip流程] 2-3 轮跑分更换ip[Unmark形式] 英文Unmark[ Job Description ] NVIDIA is searching for a phenomenal web service lead to work in our AI Infra team. Our team is enabling NVIDIA and our customers to more easily scale up machine learning workflows – machine learning at scale requires a new vocabulary for organizing and managing data, jobs and users. We are building and optimizing human-in-the-loop flows which enable massive state of the art systems in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning at Nvidia and for our customers in many application spaces including medical imagery and autonomous driving.[ What you’ll be doing ] :1 、In this role, you will be leading a group of front-end, back-end developers, collaborating with a diverse team of user experience designers, DevOps, IT and security engineers as well as machine learning, deep learning experts. You will be creating human-in-the-loop and management applications at the frontier of what is possible in machine learning today and getting a front seat view of the action in this very hot space from a team and a company driving the progress at the cutting edge.2 、Working together to build and maintain the next generation AI Infrastructure including data ingestion (recorded with our in-car software), data indexing, data labeling, visualization, dashboards, data viewers and much more.3 、As this is a newly forming team within NVIDIA, your role will be full of learning opportunities and provide plenty of excitement and rewards as we roll from concept to production.4 、Working very closely with our AI Infra team in Santa Clara to align on techniques, code, practices, projects, etc.5 、Documenting processes and workflows6 、Innovating on automation / how to reduce redundancies between our main track in Santa Clara[ What we need to see ] :1 、BS or MS in computer science, human-computer interaction, ECE, EE or a related field.2 、3+ years of experience leading engineer teams3 、3+ years of experience in web application development. 6+ years of software development experience4 、Strong technical background in cloud/distributed infrastructure5 、Strong expertise in at least several web backend skills: Golang, Scala, Spark, Python, PostgreSQL, Microservices.6 、You are familiar with AWS/Aliyun/Tencent Cloud tools and capabilities7 、Well versed in agile methodology.8 、Experience in software shipping cycles (dev, deploy, release, CI) and open-source software dev.9 、You are highly motivated, passionate and curious about new technologies. You take pride in your work and strive to achieve incredible results and possess excellent communication and planning skills.10 、Ability to work successfully with multi-functional teams, principals and architects. Coordinates effectively across organizational boundaries and geographies.[ Ways to stand out from the crowd ] :1 、You can speak very fluent English2 、You designed a cloud system and shipped successfully to production3 、Experience with other aspects of cloud computing such as automation, deployment, security and monitoring4 、Understanding of JavaScript/CSS/HTML5, working knowledge of Angular, version 4 preferred. A real full-stack developer.5 、Knowledge of Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Storm, Active MQ/RabbitMQ6 、Optionally some knowledge of Deep Learning related infrastructure